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Our Property

The first of its kind in the South West of Nigeria, AA Hostels stands regal and tall in the Ajibode area of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. The brain child of Chief Adebayo Akande, an illustrious son of Ibadan, AA Hostels is a luxurious block of apartments for the discerning student. 

Location and Environment

The hall provides a distinctive experience, standing out as the best lodging option around. The magnificent hall offers a wonderful living environment. Situated on a Park, its ideal location features incredible natural vistas from our rooms; nature enthusiasts will enjoy viewing the wide varieties of local and roving birds.

Awaken to a serene view as sunlight spills into your room and across your bed. You will also enjoy an evening toast to natural beauty as you watch the sun set behind the mountain range. We invite you to start each day immersed and basking in the natural splendor Adebayo Akande Hall has to offer with most exceptional year-round mild climate

Hall Amenities

To help make your stay memorable, Adebayo Akande Hall provides amenities that will surpass your expectations. These include relaxation garden, laundry, gourmet restaurant, a business centre, complementary parking space. With the state-of-the-art facilities we offer our guests an unmatched level of comfort.


Done to the best of standards, our finishing are stylish with quality furnishings and a high level of attention to detail. We have decor that is extraordinary in every manner. 

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